Friday, September 10, 2010

The Green Guy

So here we are again fighting this thermal war from the inside out. Driving down the road with exquisite temperament listening to talk radio and getting anxious. You look left and then right and pass through the intersection with extreme speed. Flick your ash out the window as you look for cops, fuck its hot outside. Your inner thighs are sweaty from the heat and your eyes are dry from long hypnotic stares as you try to only make right hand turns on and off the busy boulevard. With a glance down towards your crotch your cell phone is ringing, fuck its your mom, ignore it. The lights are bright out here on the road but the side streets and alley ways are a bit to dark for any kind of comfort. Your eyes continue to burn as hot as the cherry on your cigarette from all the vacancy signs in the dim-lit motel parking lots, seedy fucking motels. Your seat and thighs vibrate from the cell phone as your mom leaves you another message you wont listen to. Its just too fucking hot out here rings in your brain over and over again as another cop passes you, or was that the same one? Its almost 2 AM and you're feeling fucked and far from home charlie Brown.

Its you. Its always been you. Just like its always been me. We are the same, me and you simpatico...and you know it, you feel it rumble in the bowels of your soul. You feel it on your skin It haunts your brain. Like me you drift off and wonder, "am I the trick or the whore, am I the user or the drug." I don't know anymore, do you? In the cool night air you can feel a warm gust of wind more thoroughly and In the dark places you can see the radiant light of a street lamp more clearly, yet shadows still look like know...that thing you have been searching for. And now you know for sure have been out here too long but you gotta keep going. Wait, am I tripping out, NO...NO, I'm're cool, I'm okay, but the fire hydrants and news paper machines still look like people squatting down to dodge the ever watchful eye of their demons or to dodge the cops...fucking cops. This keeps you turning corners and sweating in your pants, its too late and I know it...and you know it.

Back later...